Birth Stories

Micah – February 1st, 2010

Part 1

Meanwhile, I was now having regular contractions. Halfway up to our ski area, in the snow and ice, with a vehicle that’s stuck and now friends with the three other stuck vehicles, and at least a half hour’s drive away from our hospital. Long story short, involving lots of panic and sweat, we did eventually get unstuck. Much to Matt’s near anxiety-attack-ridden relief.

Part 2

That picture is proof that I was not spending more time pain-free than in pain. See the mountain peaks at the end? Three in a row? See how they’re good friends with each other? All cozied up next to one another? Arms raised to the sky in a hallelujah chorus? That translates to no break in pain. And see how they’re very tall? That translates to tall pain. (Tall pain is more painful than short pain. FYI.)

Asher – August 27th, 2011

My due date for Asher was September 7th, 2011. I told people early on in my pregnancy (read: when I was still in my right mind and before I was 478 pounds and engaged in battle with stretch marks and fat deposits) that I hoped he came on September 10th. Hello. 9-10-11. Coolest birthdate ever. And now that I’m no longer battling fat deposits and stretch marks, I wish I were still pregnant then and delivered him on that date. Tough luck. Click to read more.


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