I believe a lie. I know it’s a lie, but I still believe it. Here’s the lie (but not lie in my head).

If it’s organic, then it’s healthy for you.

Organic ice cream. Healthy.

Organic whip cream. Healthy.

Grass-fed beef burger. Healthy.

And not as in it’s less bad for you than non-organic or factory-produced beef.

As in it benefits-you-part-of-the-food-triangle-slightly-above-vegetables good for you.

As in it should be a part of a healthy diet. Every day.

My right brain is telling me that’s not true. My left brain is saying, You’re a Right Brain, what do you know?

With that being said, I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner Blog today because it’s all about moms with all boys. That would be me.

My boys are 18 months apart (and yes, this was planned, and no, I’m actually not overwhelmed, and yes, sometimes it’s really busy, and no, I don’t wish for some peace and quiet ((Liar!)) and yes, thank you, they’re the cutest boys ever, I agree).

Micah, our oldest, just turned 2 in February, and Asher, our Little (even though he weighs 25 pounds) was born on August 27th.

We’re in a really fun season right now because Asher is able to “play” back with Micah to some extent. And by play I mean stare interestedly and reach for whatever toy Micah is holding, which then causes Micah to say very sweetly, No, no, ma toy. Of which we’re working on. Hearts that share. Hearts that love our little brother and look out for him because you guys are brothers and that means you’re best friends for the rest of your lives and that means you look out for each other and love each other and protect each other. We review that a lot.

I wanted a little girl really badly both times, but now after having two boys I’d totally choose another little boy.

(Judah. I love that name.)

(We’re not pregnant.)

(If we were pregnant and it was a girl, I’d be ok with that too.)

(But still. Judah. Super cute.)

Here’s a couple pictures from St. Patty’s Day.



There we be. Over and out.