Today is Asher’s six month birthday. Craziness. Serious craziness. This post is mostly for my own sake, to look back and remember, because at this rate he will be 14 by tomorrow.

Sweet, chubby Asher. Your rolls and your lovey-doviness break my heart every single day. And speaking of rolls, not only do you have them, but you’re a rolling machine. The floor is your oyster and you are its lobster. (Or something like that.) I know full well when you’ve rolled into an obstacle because lots of loud shrieking and high-pitched squeaking immediately commences. That’s my cue to set you free yet again.

About 6 weeks ago you weighed 20 pounds, so if I had to guess, I’d say you weigh about 23 now. You are a solid piece of squishy goodness. You wear size 4 diapers, although you’ve almost outgrown those. I’d say another couple weeks and you and your big brother will be in the same size.

You sleep great at night. You go to bed at 7, wake up for a feed around 10, are right back to bed and most of the time sleep until morning. Occasionally you’ll get up around 4 or 5 for a feed and then it’s right back to bed again. You’re a great napper. Your first nap is usually around 2 or so hours, and your second is around  1 1/2 to 2. Some days you’ll take a catnap before dinner but you’ve mostly cut that out.

Daddy and I are convinced you’re going to be a singer because you have the raspiest voice. When you laugh or talk you sound like you’ve had laryngitis. It’s ridiculously cute. You love to nurse, and you still won’t take a bottle. You’ve had solids about 5 or 6 times but are just simply not a fan. I keep waiting for that night when you’re up all night because milk alone isn’t cutting it, but so far it hasn’t come. As long as you’re content, I’m content. Nursing is a gajillion times easier than starting solids so I’m not complaining.

Your big brother loves you. He runs to get your “ups” (wipes/burp cloths) when you’ve spit up and will very carefully wipe your mouth. He also shows you how to play with the toys on your jumperoo. He’ll sit in front of you and “read” his books, or lay down on the floor with you and chatter away. It’s so sweet to watch. I didn’t know that motherhood contained so much unexpected soul-marrow deep happiness.

I love you both to infinity and am so thankful the Lord gave us you.