I have little notes and pictures and quotes stuffed throughout my Bible and often they fall out, and I get to look at them again and be reminded of why I keep them there. One in particular caught my eye this morning.

Matt moved into the condo we were gonna live in after we were married about a month before we got married. Since I lived in a house with 6 girls and one bathroom, I often went over there while he was at work to escape and have peace.

One night in particular I walked up the stairs and found this note on the dining room table:

“If you come for something to eat, just know I love you with all my heart, my beautiful soon to-be wife,
Love Matt”

Just like that. Written in his distinct handwriting on a page that was torn out of some journal I’m sure. Direct and simple and full of meaning, just like my Mateo.

I loved finding that note this morning and just remembering back to us and the beginning of our journey. We could never in a million years have guessed then that three years later we’d be living in Montana, about to have a baby boy, and still dreaming strong.

Oh how I love doing life with Matt. Seriously, I can’t express it more deeply. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else.

We have an entire date day tomorrow, and both of us wonder if it’ll be our last one just the two of us. That’s a crazy thought. Lord, may it be blessed and full and infused with Your presence.