I am definitely full-term pregnant, I feel it in my body. My ligaments feel like gumby. My lower back HURTS. I have cankles and snausage toes. I’m unsteady on my feet. All I can think about is where’s the nearest comfy chair. I have gall stones, and spent a night last week in Labor and Delivery so they could treat it. Not fun at all.


I’m surprisingly not totally miserable. For some reason I just find it necessary to highlight all of the negative. Although I do have to mention one more change. My hormones are definitely out of control. I am ridiculously irritable and easily angered.

Matt’s been so fantastic though. He’s been just awesome during this whole process.

But I still don’t feel ready to deliver, I feel like he needs a couple more weeks in my belly. I want his little lungs to be fully developed and I want him to have the fullest chance at being totally and completely developed. I do have to admit though, I have looked up natural induction methods. And you better believe that at 40 weeks on the nose we’re putting those into place.

Oh, I’m tired. So tired. That’s all I have the energy for, folks.