I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. Can I get a “woot-woot”?!

My little Peanut is quite intent on digging his foot into my right upper rib. It’s payback for all the years of digging my feet into my loved ones. Lifelong habit, unbreakable. Sorry.

He’s approximately 20 inches and about 5 1/2 pounds. Everything in this pregnancy has progressed very well and very healthily, for which we are very, very thankful. I have low iron, but that was no surprise as I have not taken pre-natals (make me sick) or an iron supplement, so now I’m under strict orders that I cannot not take them.

I’ve complained quite a bit during this pregnancy about how uncomfortable it’s been, but really I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss having him with me at all times, knowing he’s safely tucked in and warm, and near his mama. I also got a reality check the other day, and turnd my grumbling into thankfulness that I get to be pregnant and experience the wonder if it all. Thank You, Jesus.

Switching gears.

Matt and I celebrated an early Christmas in Portland with his family, and it was oh such a wonderful time. It was exactly what we needed to finish out school and work. Did I mention I’m on maternity leave??? Why was that not my very first sentence?? Yes. I am. And to say that it’s been totally glorious and refreshing may be The Understatement of 2009.

Whilst in Portland, at one point Stacy (Matt’s sister) and I were talking about pregnancy and childbirth and babies and toddlers and kindergartners and raising children in general. And she made an interesting comment. She said that she thought the childbirth and baby years were the most judgmental of having children. Everyone has an opinion… What?? You didn’t have a natural childbirth? *proud, condescending look* You’re not following Babywise? You are following Babywise? You fed your child Gerber’s? You don’t make your own baby food? Your child didn’t walk until he was 18 months? Mine walked at 10. You actually immunize your children? What ignorance. You have the nerve not to immunize? And it goes on and on and on…

Constant judgmentalism and comparison. But she said that it’s actually as bad, if not worse at times, now that Austen (her oldest) has entered kindergarten. Enter just one of the many volatile issues: the public vs. homeschooling debate amongst Christians. And the cycle continues.

It’s sad really. It’s sad that it takes place amongst Christians. Guys, seriously. All I can think about are Philippians 2 and Colossians 3 and Romans 12, just to name a few. Let’s be doers of the faith and not merely hearers and let’s especially be doers amongst those of the household of faith. We’re not merely good Christians so we can win some to the faith, and then let our hair down as we bite and devour one another, in the name of “opinion”.

Oh Lord, grant me gracious speech and patience and gentleness and humility as I’m only beginning this journey of parenthood.