Hello my friends. I’m sorry my writing has been so infrequent. Between being 7 weeks pregnant and in the throes of sickness and going back to work full-time, I don’t have the time (or energy) that I did before.

But I’m here now, aren’t I??

I thought I would do a checklist of pregnancy symptoms that I have thus far already experienced.

Nausea. Check.

Constantly. Check.

Food aversions. Check.

Food cravings. Check.

That control me. Check.

Extreme exhaustion. Check.

Irritability and moodiness. Check.

The desire to yell at passengers for no reason at all. Check.

Flatulence. Check. (And check, check, and one more check.)

Weird dreams. Check.

A sudden supernatural sharpening of the sense of smell. Check.

(Wow, once again, my alliteration absolutely astounds me.)

One that I’m too modest to write out because this is public internet domain. Check.

Let’s see… does that cover everything? Probably not, but it’s all my befuddled mind can think of at the present time.

On a miraculous note, Matt and I got to see our little bitty baby and his/her heartbeat on Monday. We almost started crying, it was so incredible to see. And it made this whole journey that much more real, since there’s still no outward physical proof, and at times, I was wondering if I had made this whole thing up.

Except for the nausea, the missed period, the flatulence (let’s not forget the flatulence), the aversions, the cravings, etc.

Hope each of you are having a fantastic day, and leave a comment if you’re so inclined (which I hope you are…).