I’d like to talk today about a few things that bother me…

…Rush hour traffic.

…Passengers who think they know more than I do about the airline world.

…Passengers who think that kiosk check-in is a cruel form of punishment reserved for only the most evil, rather than an actually very efficient tool.

…Passengers who…(ok, I’m over them).

…Useless confrontation. (Especially when I get sucked into it, and end up feeling like an idiot afterward that I even went there.)

I’m drawing a blank. Good. I’d hate to think that I’m a particularly prickly person.

That is some amazing alliteration.

Now for some things that I enjoy (and am thankful for, because I just remembered it’s Thankful Thursday!)…

…My husband. Most wonderful man ever.

…Being pregnant. Even if it’s only me that can tell right now.

…Passengers who believe me. (I promise I did not make up the $15 bag charge just to pocket a few extra dollars every day.)


…PARTIES. I am a people-person in my bone marrow.

What are some things that bother you? How about some things you enjoy? You know, honestly, I’m more interested in the things that bother you. Is that sick?

Come on, all you lurkers! Time to make yourself known!