That’s right, it’s positive. Holy mackerel.

We’re starting our baby’s travels at a young age.

3 tests. Just to be sure.

Friday morning our lives were forever changed. I’m gonna have to make a long story short. Thursday night, about 2am, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I had the crazy thought to use a pregnancy test to see if I could be pregnant, since I was a couple days late. You know what I mean. We’re all grown-ups here.

I had a cheesy, generic brand from quite awhile ago, from a time that I kind of half-thought I could be, but didn’t really think so. Since it was 2 in the morning, I didn’t even wait for it, I just took it back to bed with me. I laid there for a few minutes and then used my cell phone light to look at it.

I believe my exact thoughts were: SHUT. Up.

I laid there for the next two hours in a state of shock, bed covers over my head, using my cell phone as my light. A friend said that I probably looked light a human-sized lightning bug.

I intended to stay awake until Matt got up at 5 for work, but I ended up falling soundly asleep, and when I awoke at 6:32am, I realized I just missed him. Shoot.

Instead, however, I heard his voice in the kitchen, so, wearing my bathrobe with test securely tucked inside, I wandered out to see why he was still home. Long story short: he had a crazy truck breakdown.

Needless to say, our truck has been forever laid to rest in Truck Graveyard.

After the hubbalaboo passed, as calm as can be (in a state of shock), I took The Test out of my pocket, and said, “Babe, I think I’m pregnant.”

In sticking with the conciseness of my story, we bought two more tests, of which both came out positive.

I realize it’s probably a little early to share the news, but you’re talking about Matt and I here. We decided we were gonna keep it on the DL for a few weeks, and that lasted all of about 9 minutes.

What can I say?? We’re expressive.

That’s our wonderful news, and we gladly expect our lives to never be the same again. Please pray for us and our new little baby!

On a side note, below is the all-organic, from-scratch chocolate raspberry cake Matt made for me, just because. It was fantabulous.