Today is Thankful Thursday. I wish I could invite you into my heart and mind to see for yourself what the Lord has done this last week. But I can’t, so I must preface what I’m thankful for with a short story.

I mentioned in my last post that I encountered grief in a concentrated amount several days ago. And since then, the story has literally consumed my thoughts. I think about it all the time. I pray like crazy for the ones affected, and I just wonder.

I’ve read that one of the hardest things about the grieving process is that life goes on. The pain is so intense that you feel like the world should just stop.

Can the world just stop moving for one moment and acknowledge my loss and my pain that’s so intense I expect to die at any moment, and in fact, I WISH I WOULD!

That kind of grief.

One of the things that I mentioned before is that everything is so wrong about it. It’s not the way life is supposed to go. And today, I think the Lord answered the wonderings in my heart through a song that I’ve loved for a long time, but did not have the significance before that it did today.

My eyes flooded with tears as I drove home.

I hope you listen to. every. single. word.

It was so timely that it could have only been the Lord’s providence.
(In fact, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard them play this song on the radio here.)

So today I’m thankful…

…for that.

…for my God. He is so good. So good. My heart soars with affection towards Him. I could weep at His love towards me. Thank You, my Lord.